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The truth is You deserve to feel comfortable in your physical and emotional being.

The truth is You can choose to indulge in a luxurious massage experience, and more comfortably right in your home, at your convenience.

The truth is You need to be in capable & personalized massage loungers to achieve your best results.

The truth is convenience

For more than 37 years Bhagyalaxmi Industries is a professionally managed ISO 9001 accredited company, with a global customer base for the supply of intricate plastic components and moulds, meeting the stringent specifications laid down by the White goods, Automobile, Electronics, Furniture and Body Care industry.

RoboTouch is a retail brand of Bhagyalaxmi Industries for its range of health care products (Massage Chairs and Fitness Equipment) that blends technology with the oriental understanding of body responses to conventional massaging. Today’s sedentary lifestyle mixed with the competitive business and domestic environment puts all of us under great body strain and mental stress. Therapeutic massage from RoboTouch products can lower blood pressure, increase circulation, improve and expedite recovery from injury, improve sleep and enhance concentration. It can reduce fatigue and can give you more energy to handle stressful situations.

RoboTouch products makes you live life with energy and zest.

We exist in the most reputed shopping malls in Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam, Chennai.


To be the value leader in Massage and Fitness Equipment.To make people look up RoboTouch for a mix of stylish designs with advanced features and superior performance all at affordable prices


Make people feel better.

With a simple yet conscientious motto of making people feel better, convenient and secure, we offer products that touch lives.

A magical sync- mind, body & soul Why we?

In today’s busy schedules, sedentary lifestyle, stressful environment conditions, competitive business atmosphere etc., puts all of us under great physical and mental stress. During such conditions a relaxing and invigorating massage therapy do wonders on us. Therapeutic massage from a RoboTouch chairs have immense benefits like optimizing blood pressure, increasing blood circulation, improving and expediting recovery from injury, improving sleep and enhancing concentration. It can reduce fatigue and can give you more energy to handle stressful situations. Our customer service and support ensures you get the most enjoyment from RoboTouch products. Because we know nothing makes people feel better than feeling great about their purchase.

Massage equipment produce both physical and psychological effects to help reduce common symptoms of back pain. Through the study of the human body and analysis of feedback, we provide personalized designs with a goal of achieving similar benefits. At RoboTouch, one can find a wide range of Treadmills and other fitness equipment. Available in various ranges, both in features and prices, the treadmills at RoboTouch are charming. The unique treadmill designs are not only feature-rich but also add style-statement to your gym. Relax & Rejuvenate:

Therapeutic massage is one of the best ways to keep our body active in order to perform 100% in stressful conditions at workplace or at home. Therapeutic massage increases the circulation of blood to and from the muscles and massage accelerates the elimination of these toxic and harmful substances which our body was not able to do because of extreme stressful conditions. Therapeutic massage is also recommended for people who are suffering from any chronic or long-term medical conditions or diseases because therapeutic massage not only provides benefits in giving relief to the diseases person but it also helps to some extent to treat some conditions. Here comes the importance of therapeutic massage chairs because you can get massage whenever you are free, in short at the time & place of your convenience and comfort. Coming in different shapes, colours, styles and sizes, they are a great option for a perfect home massage.

Brisk walking on Treadmills is a good cardiothoracic exercise. Treadmills have a positive impact on heart functioning and also helps in toning the muscles aptly. One treadmill can provide you with diversified exercises hence owning a treadmill is like owning many exercise equipment. One can jog, jump, walk and climb on it thus gain immense benefits of various exercises.

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