Manipol Body Massager Pro


A handheld Manipol body massager pro is all you need for a rejuvenating massage therapy. It gives you various therapeutic massage options. The 4 different attachments help you experience complete relaxation and soothes your pain.

It has an easy to use design with firm grip for a powerful deep tissue massage.

It comes with auto massage programs to provide a great experience.

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HHS-3.3 HHS-3 HHS-4 HHS-5 HHS-6 HHS-7

Product Description

  • Comfortable design & Vibration massage therapy.
  • Replaceable massage heads for different areas of the body.
  • Can be used on different parts of the body like back, leg & waist.
  • Removes tight knots, body fatigue & improves blood circulation.
  • Variable massage intensities.
  • Portable and easy operation.

Flat Massage HeadTo provide decompression massage, face massage & abdominal massage therapy.

Ball Massage Head:  Can be used to apply essential oils and massage.

Wave Massage Head:  Perfect for acupressure massage.

Mesh Cover Head:  To prevent hair damage while performing massage.



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