Maxima Pro Massage Chair


RoboTouch Maxima Pro massage chair is loaded with highly customizable programs suited for every need. Interactive visual user interface synced with audio commands. High-quality roller mechanisms with premium leather to provide a transcendent massaging experience.

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Maxima Pro Massge Chair

Maxima Pro Massge Chair

Maxima Pro Massage Chair

Maxima Pro Massge Chair

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Maxima Pro Massage Chair Features:

  • The product design consists of a massage manipulator roller mechanism that goes up and down your spine to provide full body massage.
  • Kneading, tapping, knead and tap, finger pressing, and more massaging techniques to fulfill all your massaging needs.
  • Serenade yourself with a wireless 3D entertainment center built into the chair with atmospheric light for an added visual experience.
  • Lightweight and versatile with the minimum force required to swap places and acquires the least amount of area with its zero space technology.
  • Seamless leg adjustment for every height with heavy grade rollers to provide deep tissue massage to your leg.
  • Its AI mechanism is able to detect the curvature of the body silently which creates a conducive environment for maximum relaxation.
  • Sleek, feature-loaded, easy-to-use, and affordable chair that can take your relaxation to levels beyond your imagination.
  • Command voice control virtual assistant “Alice” to control your massaging experience without interruption.
  • USB Connectivity hub to charge your smartphone to keep you in touch with your friends, family, and business.
  • Safer and environment-friendly back and calf heating function from graphene “far infrared” heat source.
  • 12 auto programs that cover full body massaging combinations to save your time in customization.


  • Rated power input: 120W
  • Rated voltage: 220-240V ~ 50Hz/60Hz
  • Rated time: 20min
  • Safety structure: Class I
  • Material used: PU, Leather, Cloth, and Wood.
  • Storage room temperature: -5C to 35C
  • Storage room humidity: 20% to 80%, Ventilation


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  1. 5 out of 5


    Best quality product with best features. It has many auto programs which suits to our body.Its working good and no complaints.Really my family memebers were happy about this product.

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