RoboTouch Professional Massager – Powerfull, Light weight and Quite for Massage


Top end new age full body massager with a powerful therapeutic massage mechanism. Built to relax and relieve muscle tightness for the ultimate massage experience. Provides fast comfort by increasing blood circulation for speedy healing and quick recovery from fatigue. Inbuilt dual speeds offer a variety of experiences including a gentle relaxing massage to a deep invigorating massage or any custom mode massage therapy. It’s easy carry around, operate and maintain.

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Product Description

Custom built massager for stress relief, negation of muscle soreness & stiffness, chronic pain management. Especially beneficial for those suffering with chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, joint pains, arthritis, sports injuries etc. The ergonomic design is ideal for delivering a fantastic massage experience to lower and upper back, legs, arms, and feet. It’s portable and easy to handle & maintain.


  • Heavy duty full body massager with a powerful built in therapeutic massager
  • Pre built dual speeds to customize a massage experience in a variety of modes
  • 9′ corded 2-speed massager replete with 2 specially designed, unique massage attachment heads
  • Two options including smooth facial massage & four finger flex powered massage with a human feel
  • Built in power disc provides a large surface area massaging with deep effect
  • Comprises multiple soft knead head, can be used on specific pain points
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance, portable mechanism
  • Power input: DC 12 V – 1.5 A


  • Enjoy full body therapeutic massage for instant effect
  • Built to relax and relieve muscle tightness and increase blood circulation
  • Choose from a wide variety of built in massage modes
  • Highly effective for stress, muscle soreness, stiffness, or chronic pain
  • Smart solution for chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, joint pain, arthritis, sports injuries
  • Perfect to use on lower and upper back, legs, arms, and feet
  • Experience a real life feel with Four finger flex powered therapy
  • Reduces aches, stress and chronic pains most effectively
  • Carry the experience with its inbuilt portability


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