Pulse Foot Massager


Pulse Foot Massager

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Pulse Foot Massager

The brand new ‘Pulse Foot Massager’ by RoboTouch at the best price with modern foot massage therapies to promote blood circulation, to remove body fatigue, to help sleep & improve other sub-health conditions.

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FIR Heat Moxibustion:

It can warm and activate meridians, promote blood circulation and remove stasis, dispel dampness and dissipate cold, which is designed with intelligent temperature control in three grades of high, medium and low.

Low-Medium Frequency Electric Pulse:

It simulates various methods of massage in the traditional Chinese medicine to promote local blood circulation, relax local muscles and remove fatigue.

Magnetic Therapy:

It performs magnetic therapy against acupoints on the sole, adjusts the Yin Yang balance and improves the microcirculation with its several built-in health-care magnets.

Multi-Part Physical Therapy:

It is equipped with electrode slices for two-in-one multi-functional physical therapy on Ashi points,enjoys characteristics of wider serviceable parts,more convenient and more efficient.

Musical Therapy:

It Can improve your sleep quality and depth with its built-in natural music.

Voice Guidance:

It is Easier use with its special voice guidance for operation.

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Weight1950 lbs
Dimensions390 × 385 × 115 in


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Technical Parameters & Specifications

Product Specifications:

  • Name : Low Medium frequency foot massager
  • Power Supply : 100-240VAC;frequency : 50/60 HZ , 0.5A that can be converted into DC 12V, 1500mA;

Normal Working Conditions:

  • Ambient Environment : +5C ~ +40 C
  • Relative Humidity : ≤80 %
  • Atmosphere pressure : 86kpa ~ 106kpa;

Electrical Performance :

  • Pulse Frequency : 1HZ – 1200HZ;
  • Pulse Width : 20 us ~ 400us
  • Surface magnetic field intensity : ≤ 0.01T;
  • Timing Time : Adjustable between 15 & 30 minutes, With Tolerance of += 10%
  • Heat Moxibustion Temperature : 38C ~48C
  • Mean Time Between Failures : ≥ 1000 Hours.

Transport & Storage conditions :

  • Ambient Temperature : -20C ~ +55C
  • Relative Humidity : ≤ 93%
  • Atmosphere Pressure : 50KPa ~106 KPa.
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