Relaxo Plus Massage ChairRelaxo Plus Massage Chair

RoboTouch Relaxo Plus Massage Sofa

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Precision powered by 2 sets of smart massage mechanism hands, this product is custom designed for the neck. Just sit back and treat your neck to a session of pain relieving therapy or a muscle relaxing massage by adjusting the unit up and down. Leave your neck in the custody of this magic chair which moves the muscles via four-wheel drive in a muted design.

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Product Description

Surrender your neck & shoulders to the sensual effect of kneading, tapping, synchronized kneading & tapping options. Built to impart therapeutic benefits to the neck and shoulders, the sofa is a style statement too. Enjoy with a bi-directional kneading effect on your neck and experience instant relief. Custom built for your precious neck, the product is simply mind blowing.


  • Specifically designed to relax and soothe the neck & shoulder muscles
  • Designed with a four-wheel driven muted massage mechanism with up and down movement
  • Equipped with 3 simulated massage methods: kneading, tapping, synchronized kneading & tapping
  • 4 inbuilt automatic modes including auto I, auto II, auto III and a demo massage option
  • Preset with independent neck kneading massage with bidirectional kneading option
  • Carbon fiber induced infrared heating for the neck & shoulders
  • Manual massage mechanism positioning for fixed point massage
  • Mobile USB charger strategically designed in front of the tea-tray
  • Custom built timing display function for time management
  • Adjustable footrest with airbag massage option for legs
  • Unique, built in timing display function
  • Extendable footrest with air pressure controlled leg massage
  • Bluetooth connectivity with two 3D digital audio speakers on both sides at shoulder level
  • SL type super-long curved rail for deep massage from shoulder through thigh
  • State of the art mechanism triggers return to the original position once the unit is powered off


  • Natural hand feel with a customized up & down movement of mechanical hands
  • Specifically imparts therapeutic goodness to neck and shoulder areas
  • Instant warming effect to neck & shoulder areas via carbon fiber powered infrared heating
  • Enjoy therapeutic massage in various modes including kneading, tapping, synchronized kneading & tapping
  • Choose from four types including a demo option
  • Shoulder through thigh, deep tissue massage effect
  • Enjoy music during massage via Bluetooth connected dual speakers
  • Adjust footrest to suit your convenience
  • Pain alleviation, instant relaxation and plain nirvana


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