RoboTouch Echo Massage Chair Red

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A unique world class product powered by artificial intelligence. Smart combination of shiatsu, kneading, tapping & air massage at the click of a button for complete relaxation. Be it a stress induced pain or a bothersome injury or just mind numbing muscle fatigue, this wonder product has solution for just about every problem.



Product Description

Robotouch echo massage chair pre programmed with an automatic course that aims to provide relief in combinations of neck & shoulder, waist & buttocks via stretch technique. Powered by multiple modes including refresh, relax, relief and stretch for ultimate delivery of massage which is both pain alleviating as well as therapeutic. Leverages various tried and tested techniques like kneading, knocking, knead-knocking, shiatsu and tapping for delivering the ultimate rejuvenating massage experience.

RoboTouch Echo Massage Chair Features:

  • Built in multiple modes including refresh, relief, relax and stretch interchangeable by the click of a button
  • Pre programmed with diverse massage techniques including kneading, knocking, knead-knocking, tapping, shiatsu etc
  • Inbuilt three level speed adjustment including slow, medium and fast
  • 3 level auto width adjustment of massage hands including narrow, normal and wide
  • Massage rollers with the capability of multi directional movement
  • Pre loaded options of choosing from full course and partial massage
  • Air pressure massage with intensity adjustment for various body parts
  • Varied air massage menu including upper body, lower body and full body options
  • Embedded with foot rolling control key and auto waist heating function
  • Bluetooth connectivity with massage chair speakers for playing music
  • Fully adjustable back and leg rest cushions with zero gravity angle
  • Rated power input: 220W. Rated working time: 15 minutes

Benefits of RoboTouch Echo Massage Chair:

  • Automatic course combo massage therapy replete with shiatsu, kneading, tapping and air massage for whole body
  • Choose to go in for full course massage or partial massage for a specific body part
  • Enjoy refresh massage mode including kneading, tapping and air massage in adjustable angles
  • Savor relief massage mode including back and leg therapy in adjustable angles
  • Indulge in the relax mode comprising slow massage and air massage in perfect tandem
  • Experience the customized stretch program including back and leg stretch therapy
  • Choose a mode option from kneading, knocking, knead-knocking, tapping and shiatsu
  • Speed and width adjustable therapies for better customization to suit individual needs
  • Air pressure massage for a light feeling or heat therapy to warm the back
  • Wholesome re invigoration of fatigued muscle tissues and stimulated blood circulation


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1 review for RoboTouch Echo Massage Chair Red

  1. Srikanth

    This Massage Chair is a piece of Heaven…. 0% Negative effects..Such a brilliant product seems like you are out of the world. i would love to have one at home ,Excellence in terms of quality as well ..JUST PERFECT

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