RoboTouch Shiatsu Theraupatic Massage With Jade Heater

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Powered by the acclaimed Shiatsu therapeutic massage technique, the product is built to enhance health and wellness. The inbuilt jade heater delivers variable power levels right from gentle to deep penetrating massage modes. It’s custom devised to relieve everyday aches and pains quickly with the benefits of therapeutic massage.

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Product Description

The high end Shiatsu therapeutic massage gadget powered by inbuilt jade heater a wide range of massage styles right from gentle to deep penetrating modes. It is pre loaded with specially designed, unique attachments to address targeted pain relief. The custom made corded power mode delivers maximum invigoration to muscles and joints. Its multiple soft knead heads can be used for the whole body or specific parts for instant effect.


  • Powered by a sliding style speed controller with no gears and gap, for auto speed adjustment
  • Built in thermostat PTC on massage head affords fast response without overheating
  • Customized round jade massage head built to deliver neck, waist, legs and whole body massage
  • Built in over heating protection system, ensuring total safety and protection
  • Pre loaded high-power strong thump massage mode for deep inner muscle penetration
  • Rated voltage: 220V-240V~ 50Hz/60Hz. Rated power: 20W. Rated time: 15 minutes


  • Get rid of everyday aches and pains instantly with the benefits of therapeutic massage
  • Experience an enhanced massage therapy in a range of modes from gentle to deep penetrating massage
  • Enjoy targeted pain relief at specific body parts via unique built in attachments
  • Surrender to multiple soft knead head powered magic for whole body or specific parts
  • Simple to operate and easy to maintain with a smart design definition
  • Drive away muscle fatigue and pains caused by poor blood circulation or rheumatism


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